Nothing Burns Like a Quad

Mt Vernon E2 Pellet Stove Frost color

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Before the Clean Air Act took effect, there were more than 500 wood stove manufactrers around the country. In 1985, almost all of them stopped making stoves rather than adapt to the more stringent regulations. Most of those that remained turned to catalytic combustion as a solution. But the company now called Quadra-Fire chose instead to look at wood burning in an entirely new way.

After nearly two years of research and development, founders Alan Trusler and Dan Henry developed and patented the Quadra-Burn system that burns and reburns gases and smoke up to four times. The technology set a new standard for clean, fuel-efficent heating with wood. And because it is non-catalytic, the system does not degrade performance over time. In fact, for the past 15 years, the EPA has rated our wood stoves as the cleanest burning in the world.

Whether fueled by wood, gas, pellets, or corn, each Quadra-Fire stove is designed with a mind toward efficency and an eye toward beauty. We put great care into every product, using thick steel and design details that both enhance apperance and keep the stove looking new for many, many years. Efficent, reliable, easy-to-use, and enviromentally friendly, Quadra-Fire is always the smart choice for altenative-energy home heating.

7100 with arched woodwork